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Double Feature

Two of my films played back-to-back at the Transit Drive-In!

Shrews Poster

"Wolf House" (2017) on shelves at Walmart.

In front of the marquee

So cool to have our movie up on the marquee with these other incredible films!

Introducing "Attack of the Killer Shrews!" at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival with Lloyd Kaufman and Greg Lamberson.

Speaking at BNFFF in 2015.
We made the cover of Scream!
Wolf House Poster

Liz and I at the world premiere of "The American Side" (2016)

With my business partner, stuntman Baird Hageman.

At the Halloween premiere of "Troma's Dead Inside" with Liz!

Baird Hageman and I.
Troma's Dead Inside Poster

With our awards, some White Lions and the Kaufmans!


Sophomore yearbook photo.

Wolf House on the marquee

Working on "The American Side" (2016)

With Tony Todd, a man I admire greatly.

On set of "Boys To Men" (2015)

SFX make-up by your's truly, worn by Marcus Ganci-Rotella; wardrobe by Liz Houlihan.

After the car flip stunt in "Attack of the Killer Shrews!" (2016) with Gary Marino, Baird Hageman and Bill Kennedy.

Posing with the Halloween 2016 issue of Scream Magazine; cover reads "ATTACK OF THE KILLER SHREWS! KEN COSENTINO TALKS CREATURE FEATURES" right by Bruce Campbell's elbow.


Shrewbert was built by myself and Elizabeth Houlihan. She did all of the forms for the body and did some construction, limbs and head while I painted, detailed, constructed some and laid all of the fur.

VIP at BNFF 2015
Shrewbert's hand
Animatronic werewolf head

Liz wearing the radio-controlled animatronic wolf head that I built for "Wolf House" (2017). Robotics engineered by Fred Calandrelli, my first mentor and SFX wizard.

At the premiere of "Attack of the Killer Shrews!" with some of the cast and crew.

Little Sicily Productions
2011? I think?

Still shot from "Boys To Men" (2014) directed by Orundi Colvin; I play a gangster named "Pigeon" who gets drowned in a bathtub.

Who Shot Fozzie? (2011)

As the gangster "Animal" in "Who Shot Fozzie? (2011) which I also wrote and directed. Also starring James Ventry.

On set of "Who Shot Fozzie?" (2011)
Dennis Haysbert (2013)

With Dennis Haysbert on set of "Battledogs" an Asylum film.

With Leah Adler Spielberg
Working on a film with Treach

With Lloyd Kaufman.

Dressed as Crimson with Noel G.

That time I ran into James Woods.

James Woods pointing at me!

On set with Bill Oberst, Jr.

Hanging out with Michael Winslow after the show was one of the coolest, most unforgettable experiences of our lives! Thank you Bryan for the VIP invite had so much fun!

With Ernie Hudson on "Battledogs" (2013)

With Ron Jeremy

Directing a music video

As "Animal" in "Who Shot Fozzie?" (2011).

Shooting "Troma's Dead Inside"

With Bill Duke!

Acting in an upcoming series
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