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Politics is the art of compromise and I am currently exploring it as an artistic medium for positive change in my community. Below you can read about some of my community activism in the news.

Niagara Gazette: Niagara Falls residents running out of patience

~ "Ken Cosentino was clearly frustrated..."

Niagara Falls Reporter: Falls, Gorge site tour by USA Niagara a “Fail”

"The latest skirmish between the David of the citizens of the city of Niagara Falls and the Goliath of state agencies such as State Parks, USA Niagara and the New York Power Authority, when it comes to waterfront development, appears to have been settled in our favor, at least for now."

HAMILTON: ‘Wet, wild and wonderful’ Niagara Falls

" the disagreement between Hoyt and local moviemaker Ken Cosentino, my own fence-sitting feet fall on the greener side with Cosentino."

Niagara Falls Reporter: Ken Cosentino testifies: Cuomo has stolen Niagara Falls prosperity and birthright

"It took a lot of guts.

Last week on Friday, Niagara Falls resident Ken Cosentino stood up at the end of a presentation given by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s representative, Empire State Development’s Sr. VP Sam Hoyt, in Council Chambers at Niagara Falls City Hall, and spelled out, in no uncertain terms, the deep discontent of the people."

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